About SilverSneakers

The SilverSneakers® Fitness Program combines physical activity, targeted group exercise classes, health education, and social events for a comprehensive well-being approach to member engagement. SilverSneakers is a fun, energizing program that helps older adults take greater control of their health by encouraging physical activity and offering social events.

Health plans around the country offer this award-winning program to Medicare-eligible and Group Retiree members. This benefit includes a fitness center membership to any participating location across the country and a variety of classes designed specifically to meet the varied needs of our older adult population.

SilverSneakers group exercise classes offer an excellent opportunity for our members to stay on track toward their health and fitness goals. We rely on our participating partners to provide skilled and engaging instructors to teach our classes and help accomplish our mission to improve the health and well-being of SilverSneakers members.

Instructors who teach the SilverSneakers classes are employed by the participating locations, not by Tivity Health.

Learn more about becoming a SilverSneakers instructor by registering where you can find all of the requirements.

About FLEX

FLEX is Tivity Health’s instructor-led activities initiative, designed to attract older adults in your community who typically don’t visit a participating location or need more flexibility, ease of access and a different customer experience. FLEX will engage more members in daily physical activity by leveraging SilverSneakers® Fitness Program offerings such as Zumba®, tai chi, yoga and walking groups at various community venues.

FLEX is available at little or no cost to more than 14 million eligible members of participating Medicare health plans nationwide. It’s different because it takes the activities to the older adults. Venues can include instructor locations, community and senior centers, churches, parks and other safe, comfortable environments, existing or to be established.

FLEX instructors establish their own classes. If you are an independent instructor licensed by SilverSneakers or a certified fitness professional, join the FLEX team!

FLEX offers opportunities to improve the lives of active older adults as you generate revenue and build your business.

Become a FLEX instructor! Contact .

About Tivity Health

Tivity Health will transform the aging experience by reducing the burden of chronic conditions among older adults, enabling these to be their best years, and inspiring the next generation that the best is yet to come. Tivity Health’s mission is to empower older adults to live their best lives - with vitality, dignity and purpose. Tivity Health ebables healthy aging - both in place, and in community.

A wide variety of organizations rely on us to drive health care savings, and we partner with customers to understand their unique needs and objectives. We also influence individual well-being, including physical health and social and emotional factors, by reaching out in ways that are most effective for each person. Tivity Health’s solutions are designed to accomplish three key objectives:

  1. Keep healthy people healthy
  2. Mitigate or eliminate lifestyle risk factors that can lead to disease
  3. Optimize care for those with chronic illness

Tivity Health’s customized programs utilize provider networks and interactive websites in order to engage Program Members in health improvement activities such as physical activity and lifestyle management.

A leader in the health care industry, Tivity Health has many years of adult wellness training and experience. Tivity Health’s fitness programs successfully reduce health care costs for our partners through research-based health programs with proven success. Over the last decade Tivity Health fitness programs have opened the door to more than one million participants who visited a location in our network.

To learn more about Tivity Health, please visit the TivityHealth.com web site.